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Disrupting how customers and businesses talk to each other


What We Do


AI Videos

Customer experience is a hot mess.

Gilly's proprietary AI videos deliver a seamless customer experience that drives conversion.


Gilly provides you with real time 1P data so you can understand the relationship between your customers and their path to purchase.

After all, you need to know why they buy things and why they didn't.

Stop guessing and get data.



Launch Partners Program

We're currently partnering with limited number of brands for our "Launch Partners" program.

This is a 3-month pilot that will give you early access to our technology to test, use, and well...ahead of the game.

As part of this program, you will receive special discounts, bonus features, and unique services designed just for this soft-launch.


Why Gilly


80% of carts get abandoned. Businesses lose over $75B a year to bad customer experience and complicated processes - customer's don't want to do a PhD in pursuit of purchasing your products. It should be simple, easy, and fun.

Gilly is an interactive video software, powered by our proprietary AI. We are not focused on technology that sounds sexy, but delivers nothing.

Our focus is on driving conversion and providing you powerful data that propels growth.

Emails and chatbots are not the vibe. 

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